WOT Stronghold buildings now ALL at Tier IV. Skirmishes last night 15-4


RTR Stronghold now has ALL buildings at Tier IV, with resources built in all of them.THANKS to Romeo for the awesome calling last night, we went 15-4 for battles on the evening, with an "additional briefing" reserve running which gave us all (and those in pub matches) an additional 16% crew training for 2 hours during those matches.New (post patch) lineup is becoming T37s and VK3601H's with a hellcat and KV85 to round things out..Talk nice to Jedi, and he might even tell you which camo we are using.

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Right To Rule
When running in WOT, please remember you are representing our group. Right To Rule is a group that has community, maturity, and fairness as our values. Please apply this to all aspects of your gameplay, which in WOT includes game play, chat, and forums.

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